Keto – Week Three

Near enough another week down, and it’s been a shitter at work but I’ve managed to stay on the diet for the most of it. The bit that wasn’t “the most of it” was the celebrations of my half birthday, which started with pizza, involved a hedonistic game of bingo and an absolute tonne of jagerbombs. On the up side, I did so much dancing and general bouncing off the walls, I’d probably burnt off half the calories by the time I went to bed. I’ve also punished myself with a boxing class this evening with another upcoming tomorrow morning to keep myself in line.

So far, I’m still coping a hell of a lot better than anyone who knows me could’ve guessed. I love chocolate and pasta and rice and desserts. I’ve agreed a deal with my friend that when we both hit a milestone weight, we’ll go and gorge on doughnuts together as a treat. And yes, I do still want all of those sugary, carby delights, usually when curled up on the sofa with the boyfriend as he works his way through a Yorkie (this hasn’t changed since Week One), but I’m managing to resist (this has changed since Week One). I’ve found some snacks which helps, apple with peanut butter if I want something sweet, Cheesestrings (or mini Cathedral City Cheddar) if I need to stop my belly rumbling and slices of chorizo. I’m even experimenting with more dishes which is making things easier – not just the same two meals on repeat.

Week 3 status: -3lbs

Side benefit, taking lunch to work more regularly is saving me money, as is cutting back on drinking.

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