Keto – Week One

In true “New Year, New Me” style, I hit January 1st with a plan to take control of my junkie-style sugar habit and slowly but surely increasing waist line with rather extreme action. 2019 is bringing me more holidays with friends, family, colleagues and potentially the boyfriends family too, and I am so ready to get my act together and feel confident to slink around in bikinis. However much I’m a strong believer in no one but me being offended by how I look and that everyone should love themselves, I’m bored of feeling less than satisfied when I catch my naked reflection. So here we are – ready to banish carbs and embrace a bit of natural fat in the recently fashionable keto diet. As an aside, I’m also trying to exercise more because not only do I look like a slug, I feel like one.

Thus we come to keto. It’s a diet I know a few people who are on at work, but that my parents have also been doing for some of the health benefits – for all more of a lifestyle now than a simple weight loss mechanism. As a fussy eater, cutting all my staple food choices (pasta, bread, chocolate…) was daunting but sometimes taking drastic action is what I need to force myself into new behaviours. I had no idea what I would eat, I knew I had several blocks in my way and I am still somewhat convinced it’ll be a disaster overall but I’m having fun pretending to be a goddess as it stands.

So far, it’s a week since New Year. 1st January, New Year, New Me and I had a whole day of keto friendly food. I was smug, I felt skinnier already, and I sat down on the sofa with my boyfriend and I couldn’t resist joining him in some chocolate. Old habits.

Since then, I’ve actually been pretty good. It took from then (a Tuesday) until Sunday until I next couldn’t resist a little dabble in sugar, and honestly I have never gone so long without any processed carbs and sugary treats. I’ve had some delicious meals, though I’m being quite repetitive (happens at the best of times, let alone when limiting certain things), but I’ve enjoyed all of my meals so far, I’ve felt full, I’ve been snack shopping and it actually hasn’t impacted my life much. I even went out to play arcade games with friends and had dinner with them without a fuss – bacon cheese burger with salad and no bun. Hardly the epitome of health, but it near enough stuck to the keto way and meant not feeling like an outcast.

That said, I am at present on a 4 day residential course with work and I held out for about 2 hours before succumbing to a slice of cake. Since then, the meals have been 3-courses and when it’s all paid for I can not turn down dessert. But hey, treat yo’self.

Pre-4 day course (i.e. Sunday morning, i.e. Day 6) I had lost almost 5lbs. Judging on my past 1.5 days eating, I expect I’m right back up to where I started. Sometimes in life, there is incredible food, and it isn’t often it comes free. You have to grab it with both hands and eat it all.

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