Keto – Week Two

It’s pretty much been another week and I shouldn’t really call it a keto week.. I was sent to Dorset on a work course for 4 days so Monday-Friday was whatever I was fed, and I wasn’t even a little disappointed. Apparently the course and work had decided to look after us rather well, and during the days we had a darling cook making us delicious lunches, from Morrocan lamb to Spanish chicken, with veg and salads and homemade breads. Everything was made from scratch and was just what we needed after a morning of intense thinking/energising/planning. We were also treated to tea and homemade cakes in the afternoons, and I didn’t even pretend I was avoiding carbs at this point because I’m a sucker for a chocolate brownie and the sugar hit was very welcome to get through the rest of the day.

Even after the sessions finished, we had been booked in for three-course meals at various local restaurants, from a pub on the high street to a charming seafood restaurant overlooking the beach (or at least it would’ve been in the summer). On the last night, we had a chef from River Cottage come up to the house we were working in to make us a tonne of canapes.

Given that was how my week started, it was unsurprising that I came home having regained all the weight I’d lost in the first few days of the year – even with the countryside walks with the dogs I’d managed to get in. However, it was a welcome break and I expected to immediately cave and struggle to get back into being good, and to be fair Thursday night I did treat myself to a Chinese take away and some Reese’s (guilty pleasures) but I’m now back on to getting fit and healthy! I’ve been to my boxing class twice and have started back up with keto-friendly eating so I’ve got two weeks before holiday to makes some good habits (before I start eating everything again, who diets on holiday?!)

Status update: regained all 4lbs, yolo.

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