Hello, welcome to Quarter Life Crisis!

I am Rowan, a 24 year old Londoner and I have started this blog for a personal record of the trips I go on, the new experiences I have and any exciting, embarrassing or otherwise notable occurrence along the way, as I muddle through my twenties.

Although the dream is to be able to spend significant periods of time chasing the sun, the reality is an average life of 9-to-5 office work while living in a big city. My interest in seeing everything the world has on offer began from my first solo holiday about 4 years ago, on a sailing tour in Turkey (at the time, the furthest from the UK I’d been since I was a toddler). Since then I’ve started crossing more places off my list (or most accurately scratching them off my map), but the more places I go, the longer my list of other places to visit becomes – current top spot is Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. I get away as often as I can manage given the restraints of life, on holidays with my family or friends or boyfriend, or failing that going it alone to meet people along the way.

Outside of taking myself on holidays (or planning the next ones), I work full time in the City where I try to make the most of the pubs, bars and delicious places to eat (Borough Market all the way!). Horse riding has been my favourite hobby since I was a child, and I own the best pony called Barbie but sadly she’s out on loan as it turns out keeping a horse and buying a flat in London don’t go well together. While I’m horseless, I’ve taken up a boxing fitness class to keep some level of fitness given the aforementioned eating and drinking.

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